Find them. Write them. Perfect them.


Perfect-Words will:

  1. Provide brainstorming tools that get you to the heart of what you want to say

  2. Question and reflect on a first draft

  3. Guide revision for precision and vitality

  4. Help polish your final submission

Perfect-Words will not write your essay for you. You do the work; you reap the benefits.

From a mom:

“Debbie takes the stress out of the essay writing process. She has an affirming, calm, and thorough approach, and connects wonderfully with teens. The result was a unique essay my son was proud of.”

--Debby H.

From an Admissions Board Member, after reading a client’s essay:

‘I just had the pleasure of reading your application as it passes through committee. Thank you for writing one of the most moving and thoughtful essays I have read in six years. It’s not your circumstance that made your essay powerful but rather your perspective and wisdom in how your story opens the human heart to connection. Thank you.”

Debbie Carlson is an editor, a writer, and a writing coach who specializes in guiding students as they write college and university admissions essays. With masters degrees in both Teaching and International Relations, plus experience as a high school teacher, Debbie can help any writer achieve his or her highest potential.